In Demand Pet Sitting
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Potty Break Visit 
Our experienced sitter will come to your home to give your pet a midday break so that he can relieve himself, enjoy some fresh water and perhaps even a little treat (if Mom & Dad say it's OK). This option is perfect for mature dogs who have a little trouble "holding it" or for pet parents who work longer hours.

$ 12.00
In Demand Pet Sitting Services
At In Demand Pet Sitting, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, caring and courteous.
Standard Visit
This option gives your pet a longer (approximately 30 minute) visit which can be scheduled at any time of day. Your pet will be exercised, fed, watered, medicated (if necessary) and absolutely doted upon. This option is ideal for pets whose families are on vacation, energetic dogs, cats,  young puppies and pets that require a more personalized level of care. 

$16.00 - discounted packages may be available based on number of visits booked
"Nitro's Angel" Visit
This option is for clients who opt to board their pets at boarding facilities during vacations- we offer our "Nitro's Angel" visits. Many facilities will allow an outside pet care professional to enter the facility with the owner's permission and visit with and walk the animals. This helps to restore some sense of normalcy to their day, helps to ensure that they receive mental and physical stimulation and it also gives our sitter a chance to evaluate the health of your dog and ensure that he is receiving proper care and nutrition. PLEASE NOTE it is the owner's responsibility to get our visits approved with the facility.